Friday, February 17, 2017

Well, tomorrow is the first sentence of the prologue to this tale.  While my on-the-road adventure won't start for several weeks, tomorrow is the day I bring home the Holiday Rambler RV that will serve as my home for the foreseeable future. The day should prove epic in its own right ... I have a feeling driving 28 feet of vehicle is going to be a bit of a challenge, since my transportation for the majority of the last 30 years has been a motorcycle.
Possibly the most daunting aspect of starting on this new journey was telling my folks that their wayward child was once again tossing aside convention and trading any semblance of stability for the life of a permanent nomad - I have to admit, they weren't exactly surprised or shocked. In fact, they took it quite well, and said it suited me. I guess they've become resigned to the fact that their youngest child is an odd one!
Not surprisingly, I have already overloaded my computer with thoughts and plans and projects.. National Parks to photograph, people to visit, hole-in-the-wall towns to explore and lonely highways to traverse. But first, first comes REMODEL time! First thing to go will be the carpet inside my new home (I HATE carpet!) plank flooring, refinished cabinets, new wall coverings and curtains.. and most importantly, a hitch-carrier installed on the back to carry Max with me (Of COURSE I'm not getting rid of my motorcycle, for those who may have wondered).
While the remodeling of the (as yet to be named) RV is something I'm looking forward to - another upcoming chore is definitely NOT.. yard sale time.
Time to weed through my possessions and de-clutter my life. While my lifestyle has not lent itself to some of the trappings of house and home - I have no heavy furniture or household trappings to shed, I do have my eclectic collections - my teapots, my mismatched but well-loved china and glassware, my mementos of my prior travels.. the odds and ends of an unconventional life.. that I will have to say goodbye to. We'll see how much angst accompanies that task!